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Know when to hold 'em...Sign writing on a camper van

A young couple, both successful business owners decided to sell up, buy a campervan and head off around Scotland on the North Coast 500 .

The van they bought was one of the type with a shower, kitchen and fold away bed. They knew they were going to be spending a lot of time in this van, and so wanted to make it their own.

They started with tidying it up, sorting out any mechanical issues and making sure all the added extras worked properly. Then they spent some time improving the inside; adding personal touches and styling it to what they liked and enjoyed (also making sure there was room for the two Dachshund dogs!)

A picture of a dauchund dog
Dauchund Dog

The Exterior

And then it came to the outside... They wanted something that would stand out, be personal to them and show off the van and their personality.

So they came to Mutiiiny and asked if we could sign write on a camper van. And of course we said 'Yes we can definitely do that'. So we got chatting about what sort of design, theme, style they might like, and we got the ideas down to a 'Moroccan, mandala style, with waves, using a colour base of reds', so off Adam went to create a design to fit this request and to fit the van.

Adam then offered up a few options, and they chose one of the ideas, and this is the computer visual Adam sent that was approved:

computer generated visual of what the camper van will look like
Camper van visual

Another part of this story, is that they felt the van needed a name. They played with some ideas, and whittled it down to using a song that they both liked called The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers but Ella didn't feel comfortable driving around in a van named after a male, and so they settled on calling the van 'Connie Rogers'. They wanted the name to follow the same style of the mural and so Adam came up with this design for the name:

computer generated visual of what the camper van with its name
other side of the camper van

Sign Writing on a camper van

Adam is a traditional sign writer, and so the whole process is done by hand. First he drew on the design in chalk and pencil. This means he is able to adjust the design to fit the van; around the doors, windows, fuel caps etc., and then he started by applying the colours first. The process Adam used was a 'dry brush effect'. What this means is that it gives the overall look and aged feel, as if the paint has been there for a long time and shows off that it is hand painted and not some god awful vinyl sticker :)

The Outline

Adam then went on to the black outline. This completely pulled the whole look together:

The Name

Adam then painted the Connie Rogers name on to the drivers side:

Here is a gallery of pictures of the finished van - you can see how similar to the computer visual Adam was able to achieve

If you've got a camper van you want to have hand painted, then drop adam of admosigns an email on


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