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Skateboard Design Competition

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

We have collaborated with Cory at Releaf Skate Shop to run a competition to have the winning skate deck design hand painted and hung up outside of the shop. The winner will also win a t-shirt and a £15 voucher for Releaf.

A picture of a hand painted skateboard deck
Hand painted skateboard by Admosigns

Whilst talking with Cory, who opened his shop in Saffron Walden earlier in 2023, we discussed that a lot of the younger generation around the town were missing out on opportunities to have fun spending time doing things they wanted because they didn't 'fit in to what is deemed the norm'. So if you wanted to skate rather than play football or cricket, there's not much chance, or space, to do it. And if you do find a place to skate, you are often met with a grumpy resident.

Cory has spent time with his friends, developing space for skaters to use, and he also volunteers at the Thaxted Youth centre, where there is a newly renovated skate ramp.

Hand Painted Sign

Cory's shop is so new (at time of writing) that he's not even had time to get a hanging sign put up outside the shop - and that led to a conversation about what we at Mutiiiny can do to help. Adam of Admosigns had previously hand painted the skateboard deck of The Gorillaz (pictured above), and so thought it would be a good idea to make a sign from a skate deck to show what the shop sells in a very quick and simple form. Adam then thought 'why not get some locals involved and run a competition to design the deck?'.

So Adam has offered to hand painted the winning design onto the deck, which will then be hung up outside the shop to be seen by everyone walking down Market Street.

The Skateboard Design Competition

The entry form
Entry Form

The competition itself has just gone live and the closing date is 25th August 2023, with the winner being announced on the 31st August.

To take part in this skateboard design competition, what you have to do, is draw a design within the shape of a skate deck and enter your design before the deadline, by either dropping it into the Releaf Skate Shop or you can email your design to

You can get hold of a printed entry form from the Releaf Shop or you can download an online version (from here) so you can put it into Procreate or Canva or your favourite digital sketching app and design on your tablet.

It really is a free-for-all with regards to what can be drawn on the deck, and so it is down to you. It can be skate related, or maybe your favourite band, saying or quote. It could be your family or pet. About cars or travelling. Anything that means something to you is fine.

The Winner

The winning design will be chosen by a panel of judges from Mutiiiny and Releaf, and the result will be announced via Releafskateshop and _Mutiiiny_ instagram's, so make sure you follow both profiles (or have your parents or guardians follow us if you do not have access to social media).

Alongside the winning design being hand painted onto the deck, the winner will also win a t shirt from Releaf and a £15 voucher to spend in the Releaf shop.


About Mutiiiny

Mutiiiny are a collaborative design studio, specialising in hand made, traditional methods.

Adam (Admosigns) is a traditional sign writer and gold gilder. He works on anything you might be able to paint; from shop signs and signage, to house signs and numbers, vehicles and bespoke gold gilded gifts.

Jo (vvraven) is a stylist, florist and purveyor of vintage clothes. She loves creativity in all its forms and also works with Peter on the hand-customised clothing.

Peter (one__fang) is an artist inspired by text. His architectural background influences his artworks be it collage art, hand- customised clothing or furniture.


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